19th Sunday A: He Calls Us to Walk with Him on the Water Homily

Walking with Jesus on the Water

To the ancient people the seas represented chaos.  Fishermen and sailors know all too well the sudden turmoil caused by rough waters.  The movie The Perfect Storm shows dramatically why water is associated with chaos. 

Go in the ocean when the waves are a bit rough and you will be tossed around being hit on all sides.  There is no escaping it when we are being pushed around by the waves ; that is chaos.   But Jesus walked on the water and then calmed the sea to show His power over chaos. 

Life at times can become chaotic and beyond our control.  Just when all is seems to be calm; a loved one becomes desperately ill, a family crisis occurs, an unexpected financial event happens, a loss of employment.  All of us have experienced something similar. 

 Sometimes we cause the chaos; sometimes not!   It makes no difference whether we caused the chaos – or whether we suffer from the chaos caused by others.  Jesus is still able to conquer the chaos.  He calls us to walk through the chaos towards Him as He did with Peter. He calls us, and if we allow Him, He gives us the strength to walk over the chaos of our lives to join Him.

But what if we fail?  What if we falter and sink like Peter did?  Don’t be afraid – He is there reaching out to lift us up out of the water, out of the chaos of our lives, as did with Peter.  The Lord knows that we are not saints, not yet anyway. He knows that sometimes we are weak. He accepted Peter, with all his faults and failings, and Peter became Saint Peter, the Rock of His Church. He takes us as we are and asks us to take courage and to put our faith in Him, and to continue walking towards Him as we grow in virtue and holiness. 

Where is the chaos in your life?  Is it sickness or death?  Is it some addiction?  Is it in your work, your in marriage or in your family?  Jesus is always willing to give us the strength to continue walking towards Him through the chaos of our lives.

Fr. Tom