23rd Sunday A: “If your brother sins against you”

“If your brother sins against you” Lloyd LeBlanc and his wife talk to Sister Helen Prejean face to face.  Sister Helen is a religious sister who worked tirelessly in her ministry to prisoners on death row and to the elimination of the death penalty.  She eventually wrote the book Dead Man Walking, which became a … [Read more…]

22nd Sunday A: Get Behind Me Satan

Get Behind Me Satan Clarity is one of great attributes of our Lord when He gave instructions on how to be a good disciple. As I mentioned last weekend, there is a temptation to misinterpret or adapt the words of Jesus – to what we think He SHOULD have said. Today, Peter fell into that … [Read more…]

21st Sunday A: “Who do you say I am?”

“Who do you say I am?” Albert Schweitzer wrote that: “throughout the centuries, people have recreated Jesus into what they thought He should be”. And it might seem that Jesus today invites us to create our own subjective image of Him according to our own ideas.   However Peter’s response makes it clear that this question … [Read more…]

20th Sunday A: Moments of Grace

Moments of Grace Many people are puzzled as to how Jesus responds to the Canaanite woman who begs Him to release her little girl from demonic possession. We are struck by how out of character it is for Jesus not to respond to a cry for help. As the woman continues Jesus replies that His … [Read more…]

Mary Is for Everyone by Donald DeMarco

An indication of the universality of Mary comes from the pen of the Protestant novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne:  “I have always envied the Catholics that sweet, sacred, Virgin Mother who stands between them and God, mediating somewhat His overwhelming splendor, but permitting His love to be bestowed upon the worshipper more understandably through the medium of … [Read more…]