Ash Wednesday Homily

Purple is an odd color.  

Purple is a mixture of red with blue.  

Red – like red clay – is an earthy color.

Blue – like the sky – is a heavenly color.

So purple is the perfect color for both Advent and Lent:

– Advent: because heaven and earth are united when the Son of God becomes also the Son of Mary.

– Lent: because the Son of God – through His Sacred Passion – opens the gates of heaven for all His brothers and sisters of earth.

In the first reading, the prophet Joel calls out to us, “Let your hearts be broken not your garments torn.”  

In the gospel, Jesus talks about: prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  

These are not the acts prescribed in the Law – but extra acts voluntarily undertaken by individuals in private.  

The essential point is not WHAT you chose to do during Lent – but HOW these acts of penance, prayer and fasting are to be done.  

The Season of Lent is about walking with Jesus – with sincerity of heart. 

This Lent when it comes to FASTING:

Let us Fast from judging others; let us remember the Christ dwelling in them.
Let us Fast from words that pollute; and say words that purify.
Let us Fast from anger; and remember patience.
Let us Fast from worry; and rest in God’s plan of Divine order.
Let us Fast from complaining; and instead remember gratitude.
Let us Fast from discouragement; and be filled with hope.
Let us Fast from gossip; and be content with prayerful silence.