13th Sunday B: Jesus Touches Our Loneliness

Jesus Touches Our Loneliness An older woman and a young girl both encounter Jesus in moments of great isolation and loneliness.  Two women alone in the middle of crowds! The older woman is older, because of her flow of blood, is considered by Jewish law to be ritually impure, and so is unable to attend … [Read more…]

12th Sunday B: Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather By Father David McLean, O.P. The idea of the Church as a ship has always been popular. In today’s gospel reading we can see the biblical inspiration for nautical themes. It is imagery the early church was quick to pick up on. Many of the early disciples were fishermen, and the apostles spread … [Read more…]

11th Sunday B: Sowing in Time, Sowing for Eternity

Sowing in Time, Sowing for Eternity  The Parable of the Developing Seed has three phases. In the first phase the seed is sown.  The second phase is one of growth. The third and final phase is the action of harvesting.  Phase one is the arrival of God’s Kingdom.  Jesus announced it as arriving with Him. … [Read more…]

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi: The Body of Christ. Amen! Today’s reading from Exodus can be a bit off-putting: Moses splashes the blood onto the altar, and splashes it onto the people. Why? What seems repugnant to us was of central importance to them: symbolizing a new life belonging to God. For the people of Israel, blood meant … [Read more…]

Trinity Sunday

We Are Baptized in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit What an enormous privilege and dignity we receive in becoming adopted sons and daughters of the “Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” John Grondelski BlogsMay 30, 2021 From the National Catholic Register As noted in the … [Read more…]

Father’s Day Message

St. Joseph Provides Silent Witness to Responsibilities of Fatherhood and Faith By Patrick E. Kelly  COMMENTARY: A father can have no higher responsibility than ensuring his children’s education in the Catholic faith, leading to the formation of their spirituality and the development of a deep relationship with God. Not a single word uttered by St. … [Read more…]

Phoenix Bishop Defends Speaking Out on Communion: ‘The Care of Souls Is Our First Concern’ 

From the National Catholic Register, May 14, 2021 The bishop of Phoenix said on Thursday that he is protecting the Eucharist, not “politicizing” it, by teaching that Catholic politicians cannot support abortion and receive Communion.  In an interview with EWTN Pro-Life Weekly that aired on Thursday, Bishop Thomas Olmsted was asked to respond to claims that speaking … [Read more…]

Padre Pio’s Persecution by Church Authorities and his Response

The Vatican initially imposed severe sanctions on Pio in the 1920s to reduce publicity about him: it forbade him from saying Mass in public, blessing people, answering letters, showing his stigmata publicly, and communicating with Padre Benedetto, his spiritual director. The Church authorities decided that Pio be relocated to another convent in northern Italy. The local … [Read more…]

Mary, Mother of the Church Memorial

Today’s Memorial specifically commemorates Mary’s motherhood of the Church rather than her motherhood of God, celebrated on Jan. 1st. Mary mothered Jesus, Jesus then gave life to the Church with water and blood from His side, and the Church then mothers us into existence through baptism. Devotion to Mary goes hand in hand with devotion … [Read more…]