Congress Is About to Vote on the ‘Equality Act,’ a Grave Threat To Religious Liberty — Please Take Action Now

Article from the National Catholic Reporter: Either we are going to fight for our religious liberty and freedom of speech — and ultimately, freedom of thought — or they will be taken from us. There is legislation in Congress, which may be voted on as early as this week, that should alarm you if … [Read more…]

1st Sunday of Lent B: The Story of Noah and Lent

By Father Martin Ganeri, O.P. In the ancient Catacombs in Rome the early Christians painted many scenes from the Bible and one of the most frequently represented is that of Noah and the Ark. The Catacombs were places of burial and places of sanctuary for the early Christians in the dark days before the toleration … [Read more…]

Archbishop Naumann: Biden’s Self-Contradictory Catholicism on Abortion Deserves Correction

Archbishop Naumann’s interview comes just weeks after Biden became the second Catholic to serve as U.S. president, with administration officials making a point to emphasize his Mass attendance. President Joe Biden’s long self-presentation as a devout Catholic contradicts his strong political stands backing abortion. For Archbishop Joseph Naumann, this means Biden needs to acknowledge this, … [Read more…]


LENTEN REGULATIONS Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, a season in which the faithful are called to reflect on the Paschal Mystery more intentionally. It is a time of spiritual renewal and to examine one’s relationship with God and others more carefully. It is also a time in which catechumens prepare to receive the … [Read more…]

Ash Wednesday Homily

Purple is an odd color.   Purple is a mixture of red with blue.   Red – like red clay – is an earthy color. Blue – like the sky – is a heavenly color. So purple is the perfect color for both Advent and Lent: – Advent: because heaven and earth are united when … [Read more…]

Seven things to fast from during Lent

Lent is a time to fast from certain things and to feast on others. It is a season in which we should:  Fast from judging others; feast on the Christ dwelling in them.  Fast from words that pollute; feast on phrases that purify.  Fast from anger; feast on patience.  Fast from worry; … [Read more…]

6th Sunday B: The Church’s Healing Touch

Crossing social barriers can be dangerous. We see this today in the Gospel when Jesus meets a leper. Leviticus laid down strict rules for dealing with contagious diseases like leprosy. The leper must be isolated from society and his loved ones until there was a cure. Jesus acknowledged that it was necessary to have official … [Read more…]

Catholic Bishops Defend Federal Paycheck Loan Participation Article from the National Catholic Register: The federal loan program is a $669-billion initiative that allows entities to obtain low-interest loans that can be forgiven if the money goes mostly to cover payroll expenses, and to keep people employed who are in danger of losing their jobs. WASHINGTON — The U.S. bishops on Friday … [Read more…]

President Biden’s Transgender Agenda Poses Religious Freedom and Privacy Problems

By Lauretta Brown Lauretta Brown is the Register’s Washington-based staff writer. WASHINGTON — On his first day in office, President Joseph Biden set the tone for his administration’s actions on the transgender issue with an executive order barring discrimination based on gender identity. It was followed shortly by an order allowing those seeking a change … [Read more…]