Second Sunday of Easter: When Doubts Come….

By Msgr. Joseph A. Pellegrino The Sunday after Easter always presents the Gospel of Doubting Thomas.  Faith is always going to be met with doubts.  This is part of the human condition.  Everyone suffers times, often just fleeting moments, when he or she has  doubts about the existence of God, the divinity and humanity of … [Read more…]

Good Friday: Facing The Cross

By Father Euan Marley, O.P. It is becoming apparent that our culture is losing sight of the meaning of death.  It’s a truism to say that death is the last taboo, but let me also make a distinction here between ‘death’ and ‘dying’. Dying is hardly a forbidden topic. In fiction, we can expect to … [Read more…]

Holy Thursday; The Gift of the Eucharist

By Fr Simon Gaine , O.P. The Gospel brings us more than we could ever have conceived of or imagined. But in this way – this higher way – it also fulfils our basic needs and desires. God blesses us by touching the point of human need. Part of our humanity is the desire and need to … [Read more…]

5th Sunday Lent B: Learning to Obey God

By Father John Patrick Kenrick, O.P. Today’s Gospel sets the scene for the forthcoming drama of Holy Week.  Jesus is, in effect, telling His disciples both that His work of preaching is over and also – something difficult to grasp – that a final cosmic battle with Satan is about to begin.  This battle will … [Read more…]

2nd Sunday Lent: Prayer during Lent

Making Room for Prayer during Lent Our second Sunday in Lent puts before us a great manifestation of the Glory of God which happens on Mount Tabor.  It has much in common with other such manifestations in the Scriptures. For starters, it happens on a high place that was often seen as the place of … [Read more…]

1st Sunday of Lent B: The Story of Noah and Lent

By Father Martin Ganeri, O.P. In the ancient Catacombs in Rome the early Christians painted many scenes from the Bible and one of the most frequently represented is that of Noah and the Ark. The Catacombs were places of burial and places of sanctuary for the early Christians in the dark days before the toleration … [Read more…]