22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time: Humility

Today’s readings call us to consider the topic of humility.  Humility is a virtue that most of us struggle with.  Its opposite, pride, is the fundamental flaw of all human beings.  Consider the first sin of Adam and Eve.  The serpent appealed to their pride.  They ate the apple, not because they were hungry, but … [Read more…]

21st Sunday: Embracing Our Christianity

“Oh, poor us, poor us,” they moaned. “This is all so hard,” they complained. “Our parents and grandparents were so excited by this new faith, this Christianity, but we are not all that excited. We put up with it though, just in case it is right. But it is such a struggle to be Christians. … [Read more…]

20th Sunday: The Cost of Discipleship

Today’s readings are difficult, very difficult.  They are difficult because they present the cost of discipleship.  We begin with the plight of Jeremiah who was persecuted because he proclaimed the Truth of God.  Horrible things happened to Jeremiah.  But he would not deny God and His message. It was the cost of discipleship. The Second … [Read more…]

18th Sunday: Do we have our Priorities Straight?

Some of the most famous tourist sights in the world are tombs. Among them are: the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt; the Taj Mahal in India; the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris, and the Jewish Cemetery in Prague. An anonymous author wrote: First I was dying to finish high school and started college. And … [Read more…]

16th Sunday: “Martha, Martha”

You work well, you don’t harm anyone, but you don’t pray. But machines work well, don’t harm anyone, and don’t pray. Sometimes we can get so busy that we forget what life is all about. We can get so involved in pursuing the things money can buy, that we forget the things money can’t buy. … [Read more…]

15th Sunday: The Good Samaritan

There are a number of stories about people who helped others and who were greatly rewarded as a result. Most of us are familiar with the story of The Beauty and the Beast, where a wicked witch curses a handsome prince and changes him into an ugly monster. He remains that way until a princess … [Read more…]

14th Sunday: Boasting in the Cross

“May I never boast save in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  This is quite a change.  Saint Paul is speaking positively about boasting. I thought boasting was bad.  I thought we were never supposed to boast.  Is there ever a time when boasting is OK, even good? Well, boasting is certainly bad when … [Read more…]

13th Sunday: What is True Freedom?

Throughout our lives, we often imagine a time when we will be free to do whatever we want.  When we were little, we viewed each stage of school as a step towards greater freedom. We thought a driver’s license, we would give us the freedom until we realized the cost of insurance and gas.  When … [Read more…]