3rd Sunday Easter: Scriptures and the Breaking of Bread

The two disciples were on their way home, talking and debating about the recent events, since they were quite baffled by the things they had witnessed during their stay in Jerusalem for the great solemnities.  A stranger overtakes them, asks what they are discussing, it surprises them that he knows nothing of what has happened, a … [Read more…]

Divine Mercy Sunday: My Lord and My God

When someone we love dies, in a sense it feels like we have been abandoned.  This sense happens because you shared your heart and mind with them, and you do so with an ease and  joy that would seem to last forever. But now we have to continue living without them. And there will be … [Read more…]

5th Sunday of Lent; the Grammar of Resurrection

There is more to life than being well fed and having family, friends and nice things.  If our life in this world never progresses beyond what we can touch and see, we might be described as people in their graves.  Now, these graves might seem to be quite comfortable, but just ask Lazarus how comfortable … [Read more…]

4th Sunday of Lent: The Vision of Faith

Today a lighter tone is introduced into our Lenten season, where purple gives way to rose, and our more somber Entrance Antiphons are put aside, in favor of a call to rejoice. These are the unmistakable signs that we have reached Laetare Sunday, a little oasis in the midst of our penitential season, which has hints of … [Read more…]