Marriage and Human Sexuality

Marriage and Human Sexuality By Deacon Göran Fäldt from the National Catholic Register Marriage and the law of human sexuality are under the jurisdiction of human conscience. That is why it is important to understand the nature of conscience. Humans multiply over time in the union of love and fidelity as man and wife open … [Read more…]

Father Altman

Father Altman I am writing this article because people were asking me what I thought about Father Altmanand his YouTube Video. For those who may not know, Father Altman is the Pastor of Saint James in LaCrosse and he was televising his parish Masses and posting them on YouTube.  He was also posting talks on … [Read more…]

Mary Is for Everyone by Donald DeMarco

An indication of the universality of Mary comes from the pen of the Protestant novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne:  “I have always envied the Catholics that sweet, sacred, Virgin Mother who stands between them and God, mediating somewhat His overwhelming splendor, but permitting His love to be bestowed upon the worshipper more understandably through the medium of … [Read more…]

Archbishop: Christ Welcomes and Challenges Those Wrestling with Gender Identity

Archbishop Carlson is one of a small but increasing number of Catholic bishops and Catholic leaders in the U.S. who have issued statements on gender ideology. Taken from: Catholic News Agency LOUIS, Mo. — Christ draws close with love and compassion, as well as a challenge, for people who experience discord between their gender identity and … [Read more…]

Planned Parenthood’s Unexpected Move

By Kathryn Lopez Posted: Jul 25, 2020 12:01 AM in I’m no fan of cancel culture, which seems to me to be shrill, suffocating and unforgiving. At the same time, Planned Parenthood in New York is distancing itself from its co-founder, Margaret Sanger, removing her name from one of their health centers in lower … [Read more…]