Father Altman

Father Altman

I am writing this article because people were asking me what I thought about Father Altmanand his YouTube Video.

For those who may not know, Father Altman is the Pastor of Saint James in LaCrosse and he was televising his parish Masses and posting them on YouTube.  He was also posting talks on YouTube outside of Mass.  It was during one of these talks last week that he caused quite a stir among many people; both positive and negative.

Many people called and emailed the Bishop’s Office either supporting Father Altman’s statements or angry at them.  His supporters praised Father Altman as a modern day prophet, while others demanded his removal as pastor of Saint James Parish and that he be silenced.

So what exactly did Father Altman say that stirred up so much publicity?  Basically he stated that no faithful catholic person would vote for the pro culture of death Democrat Party this November.

Unfaithful Catholics who did vote for the Democrat Party this November risked the fires of hell.  Father Altman stated this in a video outside of Mass as a US citizen, expressing his First Amendment rights.

Father Altman has been viewed on television, radio and YouTube by thousands throughout the country and world.  Father Altman and Bishop William are in dialogue concerning the situation.

So, what do I think? 

First of all, voting is not only a sacred duty and obligation, it is a privilege; a privilege that millions of people throughout would love to have.  This is why so many people want to come here, to experience freedom unknown in many places throughout the world.

Second, this election is very important.  Our society is at a crossroads, and so everyone who can vote needs to vote this year!

Third, two very different platforms and visions are being presented to us represented by the two candidates running for the highest office of our nation. One platform supports the culture of life, freedom and order.  The other platform supports a culture of death including abortions, infanticide and euthanasia along with a desire to redefine family and human nature.  Just compare the peaceful rallies of the one to the violent rioters and protestors of the other.

Fourth, do not vote for a candidate based on their personality and do not vote for a candidate because there is a D or R in front of their name!    Instead, do vote on the platform and vision of a candidate as it will affect you, your children and grandchildren.

Finally, I will be voting for the pro-culture of life platform.  I was born in 1957, when abortion was not legal.  My biological mom gave birth to me, and because she could not take care of me gave me up for adoption as a baby.

I was blessed to be adopted, along with three others, by a loving couple who could not have children of their own.  All four of us were blessed to have a happy childhood.  If abortion and the culture of death was as influential as it is today in the 1950s, I and my adopted brother and two sisters would probably not be alive today.

As Faithful Catholics we are called to be salt and light in our world.  I am grateful that Father Altman has brought this discussion out into the open.  It is a time for each one of us to pray and consider seriously our vote and the ramifications it will have for our country this November.

As Pope Saint John Paul II said, we Catholics are called to promote and support the culture of life in all its many forms.  May we have the courage to do so this November!

Fr. Tom