Fifth Sunday A: Salt and Light

Doctors warn that too much salt is not healthy. Yet salt is a necessary thing and salt brings out the flavor of the food we are eating. Likewise, in winter everything can seem gloomy and dull on those endless gray days. But when the sunny summer days arrive we enjoy the light of the sun because of its warmth and its ability to reveal the beauty of nature.

With our Baptism every Christian has the capacity to be spiritual salt and light in the world they live in. Like salt, Christians are able to bring out the wholesome flavor of life. Like light, Christians are able to be a light shinning on the goodness of others. The world without Christian salt and light is a world without God’s grace; a bland and dark world.

If we Christians fail to be faithful to Jesus and His teachings we will “as salt” lose our savor and be thrown out and tread upon, or fail “as light” be put under a bushel and be extinguished.

At the end of the Beatitudes Jesus shifts His language to the second person: “Blessed are you when you are cast out, when you are persecuted, when you are insulted.” He says that being a Christian, entails persecution at times for Gospel truth and goodness.  And so we may be tempted to water down Gospel truth and goodness, and to accept a bland and darkened world.

Jesus says, “The Light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than Light, because their deeds were evil.” Woe to the members of the Church who are unwilling to be spiritual salt!  Woe to the members of the Church who are unwilling to be spiritual light!

May each one of us be willing to be spiritual salt and light to those around us, so that they may see our good works, and with them give glory to our Father in Heaven!

Fr. Tom