1st Sunday of Lent on Temptation

At a monastery a younger monk asked an older monk, “How are you?” The older monk replied, “There is still a bit of the devil in me!”

The response of the older monk may strike us as a bit odd – yet – it expresses a truth about all of us. There is still a bit of the devil in each one of us too – because we still wrestle with sin. Jesus spent forty days in the desert mentally and spiritually wrestling with the devil. Lent is also a time for us to wrestle with sin and the devil.

The first reading today tells of the story where our first parents – still living in the Garden of Eden.  It shows them giving up the wrestling match with Satan and giving in to sin – and by doing so  – failed to keep God first in their lives.  Lent is a time when we reflect on how we may have been overcome sin – and need once again – to put God and His teachings first in our lives. 

Just as Jesus overcame Satan during His forty days in the desert – so we – who are His disciples – are called to do likewise.  We overcome Satan by once again putting God first in our lives. The words of the old monk are true for all of us who are humble.  There is still a bit of the devil in each one of us. During Lent we are called to imitate our Savoir Jesus – looking for ways to overcome sin and Satan in our lives.

Fr. Tom