22nd Sunday A: Get Behind Me Satan

Get Behind Me Satan

Clarity is one of great attributes of our Lord when He gave instructions on how to be a good disciple. As I mentioned last weekend, there is a temptation to misinterpret or adapt the words of Jesus – to what we think He SHOULD have said.

Today, Peter fell into that temptation when he didn’t like what Jesus had said about self-denial – suffering and His death.  Peter, and most of us, would prefer a more self-indulgent approach to life.

Last week Peter was absolutely clear who Jesus was: “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”   But Peter finds it hard to reconcile his understanding of who Jesus is – with self-denial and suffering.  And we too can at times fall into the same trap.

Who wouldn’t prefer a cozy & easy type of Christianity?  Yet, Jesus tells each one of us that if we want to be His follower we need to accept at times a certain amount of self-denial & suffering in our life when necessary to remain faithful to Jesus and His teachings.

Fr. Tom