Meet our Catechists. All of our Catechists are volunteers. They are committed to reinforcing the Catholic faith that you as parents are teaching and living.
Mrs. Mary Knoeck and Mrs. Susan Yessa—Grade 1

Mrs. Brenda Werner and Kateri Hackel—Grade 2

Mrs. Sarah Mucha, Mrs. Angie Hartnady, and Mrs. Kim Reif—Grades 3 & 4

Mrs. Jody Davis and Mr. Mark Hackel—Grade 5

Mrs. Maureen Knetter, Mrs. Danielle Jisko, and Deacon Greg Kaiser—Grade 6

Mrs. Stacy Daniels, Mr. Ryan Kraft, Mr. DJ Wright, Mrs. Mandy Schnelle, and Mrs. Nancy Hackel–Grades 7 & 8

Mr. & Mrs. Randy and Patty Myszka—Grade 9

Mrs. Melissa Lemmer and Mr. Jerry Sinz–Grade 10

Grace Wirkus-Secretary

Father Tom Huff—Pastor
Phone number: 715-352-3011

Nancy Hackel—Coordinator of Religious Education
Phone number: 715-352-3011 or 715-352-7354

Mrs. Grace Wirkus—Secretary
Phone number: 715-352-3000