For all adult volunteers who help in the CCD program and at school there are safe environment forms that are mandated by the Diocese of La Crosse.

New Volunteers age 18+ you will need to fill out the following:

1.) Criminal Background Check-Form is below, return to the rectory or school.
2.) Diocese of La Crosse Safe Environment Employee and Volunteer Confidential Questionnaire.
Form is below, return to the rectory or school.
3.) Annual Verification of Safe Environment Training. Form is below, return to the school or rectory.
4.) Safe Environment DVD “Foundations” click on this link to visit the diocese’s website for more information.
5.) Safe Environment Red and Green Book – click here for the DVD or request the booklets from the rectory or school office.

Returning Volunteers age 18+ any forms that need to be filled out will be given to you in person.