Welcome to Saint John the Baptist Catholic School,
Home of the Saints

Our Nickname and Hashtag

In 2018, a nickname was chosen to help establish a unique identity for our school; “Saints” becamse our nickname after two rounds of majority voting.  Four Seasons Screen Printing of Marathon, WI helped create the logo, which has been used in our school newsletters, on school letterhead, and for school clothing orders since.

In 2019, the Saint John Saints (#SaintJohnSaints) hashtag began to be used on our Facebook page as part of a plan to increase our social media presence.  “Like” our Facebook page for continuous updates on the Saint John Saints.

Our Vision

St. John the Baptist Catholic School provides a Christ-centered education, which prepares each student spiritually, intellectually, and socially to make a meaningful contribution to society.  In partnership with family, Church, and community, we provide a Catholic education of the highest quality.

Our Mission

It is our mission that St. John’s students take an active role in their faith formation by respectfully participating in the Eucharist at Mass; pray as an individual, a class, and as a school; charitably complete service projects and contribute to the good of our society; and prayerful study of the Bible and the teachings of the Church.

It is our mission to commit to maintaining student-centered classrooms where children actively engage in the learning process by performing authentic assessments which reflect real-life experiences.  Current curriculum and emphasis on state standards will ensure that students are well-rounded and independent learners.

It is our mission to provide St. John’s students a faith-filled, meaningful education where they can excel to the best of their abilities.  Each student will be respected as an individual and will be afforded the tools to be a lifelong learner, a productive member of our dynamic society, and a young adult Christian who lives with Jesus in their heart.


St. John the Baptist School Visitation Policy

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