Application Timeline

The application window for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) is open from early February through mid-April.  All applicants, regardless of their Choice status in the previous year must reapply for the program every year.

As a School, we are are allowed to assist parents during the application process by helping answer questions and allowing you to use computers on site.  We are NOT allowed to submit applications on behalf of parents.

The online parent application may be slow in early February.  If you receive an error during that time, try again the next business day.

Helpful Links

  • The link for the online parent application is here.
    NOTE the link to the online parent application was updated in December 2019, so please use the new link when working on your application.
  • Step-by-step print screens of the online parent application is here.
  • The list of acceptable documents to prove residency is here.
  • The full list of parent resources can be found here.


Please contact the School Office at 715-352-3000.