Program Staff

Mrs. Brenda Werner          Ms. Kateri Hackel                Ms. Allyson Lehman

Program History

2017 – 2018 School Year – St. John the Baptist School successfully administered an Extended Care program after school for the first time.  The goal was to provide students with a sense of well-being while giving parents the feeling that their child(ren) will be adequately cared for after school.

2018 – 2019 School Year – The After School Care program returned and a Before School Care program was added.

2019 – 2020 School Year – Both the Before and After School Care programs returned and two new staff were added due to changes in teacher schedules.  With the addition of Kateri Hackel and Allisyn Lehman, After School Care is now an option on Early Dismissal days if families so choose.

Program Mission and Vision

Your child(ren)’s care and safety is our number one concern.  These programs allow children to participate in activities, work on homework (primarily After School Care), or increase certain skills.  This organized structure helps students with their confidence and builds their academic skills.

In our Extended Care program, participants are expected to follow all school safety rules.  Your child(ren) will have fun, relax, be creative, hang out with friends, and just be kids.  We focus on being considerate toward all others with kindness in words and actions, cooperation, and taking turns.  We also reinforce what they learn in the classroom about the importance of community while working on community projects (cards for nursing homes, etc.).

Before School Care

  • Runs from 6:45 am to 7:45 am when students are released to their classrooms.
  • Breakfast is not provided by the School, but families are allowed to send breakfast items with their child(ren).
  • Not held on days St. John the Baptist School is not in session or on days that school is closed due to weather.

After School Care

  • Runs from 3:00 (after students have been dismissed) through 5:00 pm (approximately).
  • A snack is provided at the beginning of After Care, followed by structured activities and homework assistance. Students without homework are allowed to quietly work on other activities.
  • Not held on days St. John the Baptist School is not in session, days closed due to weather, or early cancelations due to weather.  It also may not be held on evenings of special events, such as Parent/Teacher Conferences.

Registration Forms and Pricing

Before School Care Registration Form, 2019-2020 School Year
After School Care Registration Form, 2019-2020 School Year

Please complete one registration form per family per Care Program attending.  If you anticipate using both Before School Care and After School Care, please complete each registration form.  Return completed forms to the School Office.

Pricing is per child per day (not hourly) and is as listed below:

  • $5.00 – Before School Care
  • $7.00 – After School Care, Non-Early Dismissal Day
  • $15.00 – After School Care, Early Dismissal Day

If you have questions about the Extended Care program, please contact the School Office

  • by phone at 715-352-3000
  • by emailing Mr. Gulan, Principal at jgulan@stjohnedgar.org
  • by emailing Ms. Stubbe, Secretary at secretary@stjohnedgar.org