Next Home and School Meeting is Monday, April 9 @ 6:00 pm in the Music Room.  

We will welcome Michelle Murkowski as the new chairperson for a one year term.  Officer positions up for their two year period are:  Vice Chairperson and Treasurer.  Please call the school if you have any interest in running for either position.


All parents of children in grades 4K through 8th are members of the St. John Home and School Association. This organization functions much like other parent/teacher groups to help provide quality education for children through parental involvement in the school.

The organization also serves as a fundraising organization for school needs through activities. If you would like more information on the fundraising efforts, please contact the principal or Home and School President.

This group sponsors activities such as Catholic Schools Week, Walk for Virtues, speakers, and presentations. Home and School Fundraisers are the candy sale, wreath sale, Walk for Virtues, the Children’s Bazaar, the Holiday Extravaganza, and the rummage sale.benifitschool2017

Home and School meets four times during the school year. Meeting dates are published in the school newsletter and can be found on the calendar page of the website. Please join us at a meeting to support the school.





>>Home and School Meeting Minutes January 20 2017


2017-2018 Home and School Officers
Nancy Hackel, Chairperson
Sandy Wendtland, Vice Chairperson
Bridget Kaiser, Secretary
Mandy Schnelle, Treasurer