Our hot lunch program serves the FDA recommended serving size and nutritional value lunch.  Lunches are served on full days throughout the normal school year.  All meals are subject to change at no advanced notice.

February 2018 Lunch Menu

January 2018 Hot Lunch Menu


Free or Reduced Price Meals

2017-2018 Free and Reduced Meal Application Form

All information supplied on the application form is kept confidential.  Applications are processed within ten (10) days of being turned in after completion.  Any changes in lunch pricing from full price to free or reduced pricing go into effect by the next lunch period.  For example, if your completed application is approved prior to the start of lunch on a Monday, any new pricing will go into effect as of Monday’s lunch.  If your completed application is approved after the conclusion of lunch on Monday, any new pricing will be in effect for Tuesday’s lunch.

Applications can be turned in anytime throughout the school year.  Families renewing their application from one school year to the next have a thirty (30) day grace period from the start of the school year to resubmit their application.  If you have been denied in the past, please apply again as income level requirements change from year to year.

If your application is approved for either free or reduced price meals, your application may be randomly selected to provide documentation to support the information on your application as required by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI).