2018 – 2019 Meal Prices

Elementary School (4K – 4) – $2.65               Middle School (5 – 8) – $2.95
Adult – $3.60
Carton of Milk – $0.35*
* For a 2nd milk at lunch, or if a student bringing cold lunch would like to drink milk.


Lunch Menu

May 2019 Menu

Lunches are served on full days of school throughout the school year (September – May).  It is not served on days we dismiss at 11:30.

All meals are subject to change.  If the menu does change, families will be notified as early as possible so they can plan accordingly.


Local Wellness Policy (LWP)

Local Wellness Policy
As outlined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, this policy is our school’s guideline establishing an environment to promote the health, well being, and ability to learn of our students

LWP Updates
The LWP was discussed during the January 12, 2019 Education Committee meeting.  During the meeting, the LWP was discussed, and changes were made to the LWP.  Changes included those both recommended by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) as part of the Hot Lunch Program’s triennial Administrative Review and those recommended by Committee Members present at the meeting.

The portion of the Education Committee Meeting minutes relevant to the discussion on the LWP are included below:

Hot Lunch Policy: Marie discussed the current Local Wellness Policy. DPI has already reviewed the information and requested a few changes. Changes were made to the number of minutes both elementary students and middle school students receive physical education throughout the year. The Education Committee will review this policy. At present, it is recommended to review it every three years minimally, however it was decided by the committee to review it yearly at the first meeting of the year. A motion was made by Richard Wirkus and seconded by Patty Myska. This policy is available upon request at the school office or on our website.